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Websites that work as hard as you do.

You work hard molding your business to meet the needs and wants of your customer, your website should do the same.  Effectively communicate exactly what you want your customer to know, and you will turn online leads into store sales.

Starting from $3500

No More Missed Opportunities

Websites are often confusing and don’t communicate exactly what you are selling and why they should buy it from you.  Relying too much on copy or stock imagery to represent your brand can miss the point, and create an unpleasant user experience.  A healthy balance of relevant copy, eye catching graphics, photography and video true to your brand will be a slam dunk!  The best part is we do all photography, video production and website design in-house to provide a seamless web building experience for businesses in Haliburton, Muskoka, Bancroft and surrounding areas.


Show them exactly what you’ve got, looking it’s best.


The number one method of communicating a brand online


Current design trends, easy navigation, mobile friendly.


Protect your web investment with a strong backend.

Do you know your brand identity?

The most challenging and time consuming part of creating a new website for your business is defining your brand.  What exactly are you selling, why should your customer do business with you and not your cometitor, what are the key services you offer?  When you create a website, these questions arise and you need to know what your brand identity is.  We have developed an intensive questionaire that includes all of the brand messaging your website will need.  We ask that all clients fill out this form when starting a web project.  View the form anytime by following the link below.

The Process

Go live in 4 weeks.


Pay your deposit and have a site mapping meeting. When looking over your brand identity form, we will discuss the best ways to communicate your brand message.


We schedule your media shoot date into week 2. One half-day is spent at your place of business to shoot photos and video of your business and your team for the website.


We design and configure your website according to our intitial meeting, incorporating all the media we have gathered. You recieve a link to view your website and send us your revisions.

Week 4 GO LIVE!

Second and final round of revisions are completed 5 business days prior to go-live date.  We submit the go-live request to our tech suppport. Your website is set to go-live

The Cost

Get a big agency look at a small business price.

Fee Schedule

Paid Upfront Web setup fee, first year hosting & deposit on web build and media.


Paid at Go-Live Remaining amount due on web design, photos and video.


Paid Next Year Managed hosting cost of $480 billed annually going forward.

Example Cost


 Web Setup $400

 First Year Hosting $480

 One Page Website $1600

 Additional Page $300

 60.s Story Video $600

 Signature Photos $400

Total Cost  $3,780

The Hosting

So how does the hosting work?  We have developed a hosting solution that not only powers your website to be live, but also anticipates and prevents common pitfalls when publishing and maintaining a website.  The two biggest issues facing websites today are security risks and technical updates left undone.  All of our websites have measures put in place that anticipate and prevent those risks.  These measures are installed at the beginning of your website, and then maintained on a day to day basis.

We all know someone who has had their website or email hacked. We use industry standard measures to prevent that from occuring, and if it does occur, we have a fool proof backup system to remove the infected website and replace with a current copy.

Just like with mobile phones and computers, there are always new versions of software for websites being released.  If these updates are not completed on time, your website is left open to security risks and technical failure. So how do the updates happen?  SolidState regulary logs in to your website backend and performs technical updates on a bi-weekly basis.  Why can’t you do it yourself? Because you need to have a technical knowledge of PHP files and access to the backup system if a technical update was to cause a conflict.


Why does the hosting cost more than my current hosting?

When comparing our hosting to many larger hosting companies you will see a price difference.  The difference is that when you pay for hosting to a larger company you are only paying for your website to be live on the internet.  We provide that too, but the additional cost is for managing the website’s technical needs.  Performing updates, managing back ups, and if something were to go wrong – we fix it and get it back up.  These are all services you would have to pay seperately to a developer on a case by case basis. These costs would far exceed the additional cost included in our Annual Managed Hosting cost.

Does the managed hosting include text updates?

The managed hosting updates are only technical updates to the back end of your website.  We teach you how to do updates to the information on the page.  Things like text updates, business hours and menus are all things that you can do yourself to save you money.  If you would like us to do that to, we are more than happy to charge per update.

What does One Page Website mean? Can I have more than one page?

Yes!  A one page website means a long format page of information on each page, instead of little bits of information on numerous pages.  Most often a standard brochure website can fit all of the information you need onto one page.  Information about the company, the services you offer and contact information can all fit onto one page. If you need additional information, then we would create an additional long format page.

What about email?

Every website comes with one included email account.  This account is set up as an “info” account at your website URL.  If you require additional email accounts for additional team members, let us know, we would love to help.  All additional email accounts are quoted on seperately.

What about domain registration?

If you have login access to your domain registration you can keep it where it is.  If you do not have access to your domain registration, we will help you find it.  You can either register it at various domain providers online or SolidState can manage it for you.  Your cost for a domain registration with SolidState is $25/year.

What about my old website?

When you start a web project with us, your current website will continue to be live until your new website is ready to go.  We set up a private “development link” where we completely create your new website online.  Once you are satisfied with your brand new look, we will remove the old site, and replace with the new website.

Our Work

See how these businesses are putting their new One Page Website to work for them.

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